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Evolve ERP is an ERP specifically designed for our Indian SME segment.  The ERP is highly optimized and simplified so as to be possible for our SME to implement.




India has nearly three million SMEs, which account for almost 50 percent of industrial output and 42 percent of India’s total exports.A special role for SMEs were earmarked in the Indian economy with the advent of planned economy from 1951 and the subsequent industrial policy followed by government. By and large, SMEs developed in a manner, which made it possible for them to achieve the objectives of:


1. High contribution to domestic production

2. Significant export earnings

3. Low investment requirements

4. Operational flexibility

5. Low intensive imports

6. Capacity to develop appropriate indigenous technology

7. Import substitution

8. Technology-oriented industries

9. Competitiveness in domestic and export markets


However, as a result of globalization and liberalization, coupled with WTO regime, SMEs have been passing through a transitional period. With enhanced competition from China and a few low cost centers of production from abroad many units have of late been facing a tough time. However, those SMEs who had a strong technological base, international business outlook, competitive spirit and willingness to restructure themselves withstood the current challenges and came out successful to make their own contribution to the Indian economy.  It is the most important employment-generating sector and is an effective tool for promotion of balanced regional development. These account for 50 percent of private sector employment and 30 to 40 percent of value-addition in manufacturing. It produces a diverse range of products (about 8000 odd items), including consumer items, capital and intermediate goods.


However, the SMEs in India, which constitute more than 80 percent of the total number of industrial enterprises and form the backbone of industrial development, are as yet, in technological backwaters vis-á-vis advances in science and technology. These suffer from problems of suboptimal scales of operations and technological obsolescence. While most of the large companies, even in developing countries, have financial as well as technical capacity to identify technological sources and evaluate alternate technologies that would suit their requirements, unfortunately, this capacity is conspicuously missing in most SMEs. It is these features of SMEs that make them an ideal target for technological up gradation  through  technological  cooperation  with  foreign  and  local  enterprises,  with  R&D institutions and centers of technology development.

So, what these SMEs need today is primarily access to new technology. Poor financial situations and low levels of R&D, poor adaptability to changing trade trends, non-availability of technically trained human resources, lack of management skills, lack of access to technological information and consultancy services and isolation from technology hubs, etc. are some of the reasons why these SMEs are not being able to surge ahead. Small and Medium enterprises are the backbone of India's economy. They have to now work hard to get out of this impending scenario. There has to be a major change in policy on how they are operating. SMEs have to put in more effort on research and development (R&D) and on ways to use technology at par with the international standards


Due these constraints and needs as well all SME have realized they would be required to go in for cost effective systems and solutions which would keep them at PAR with global standards and efficiency of working.   If they are not in position to match that they would soon face extinction.   Evolve ERP is WEB based ERP solution which will primarily address the SME segment where costs are a major concern.


1.   Evolve ERP IS OUR OWN DEVELEOPMENT hence we have to pay no royalties to ERP companies as we are developer and parent company.  Normal 70-80% per of the license fees charged by Vendor is paid to developer of ERP solutions.  That Entire amount is saved and gives us a edge above rest to share the profits.

2.   Very cost effective and reasonable, for SME segment they have a mindset that ERP are very expensive which is not the case, in EVOLVE. The pricing of the systems are fairly in their limits and in fraction of what is charged by other companies.

3.   Already the systems are running fine at has attained a very high success rate and customer

satisfaction at over 12 corporate SME houses among their 60-70 locations at PAN India


4.   Evolve has a very strong financial backing and is in the market since last 22 years so you don’t have to worry, and is not a fly by night operator.

5.   Has gone through all weathers and storms and done over 700 implementation in ERP, however these were systems which were developed in older technologies,

6.   Evolve are the same proven system redeveloped in new language which to be in synch with latest technologies.

7.   Online  and  real  time  WEB  based  systems  are  the  need  of  the  hour. Most  of  the companies are looking for cost cutting especially administrative costs.   Since they

don’t add any value to company as a whole.   So Integrated WEB based systems

reduces there admin costs by as high as 60%, most of our clients are thrilled to have controlled those costs.


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