Cloud computing has emerged as an innovative and disruptive technology for the business. It has a significant impact on how businesses procure, implement and manage their IT investments. As companies commence their efforts to adopt cloud, they are confronted with several providers who have specialized in infrastructure, platform, and applications. Bringing them together to suit business needs appears to be a daunting task. Lack of a single point of accountability, unclear SLAs, multiple pricing models and contracts pose challenges for enterprises, thereby making cloud adoption initiatives time consuming and challenging and sometime not able to deliver the right business value.

EVOLVE offers services ranging from specific IT strategy, planning, development and implementation capabilities to broader organizational transformation support. In addition to converting legacy applications to make them cloud ready, we are also helping clients conduct readiness assessments and diagnostic evaluations.

So whether you are looking for expertise on diverse platforms, design, development or technologies, our experts are always there to uncover the drivers, key considerations, and other important factors to aid in applications migration to cloud computing.

Our core focus areas and capabilities in Cloud Computing and Consulting include the following:

  • Cloud Strategy Consulting: We serve as trusted advisors in areas architecture, transition planning, return on investment (ROI) and risk management assessment, cloud data strategies and other related strategic service areas. Our cloud consulting services include tool-based readiness assessment, customized business case with cloud adoption roadmap and a broad definition of customized business service catalog with deployment options.
  • Cloud Application Development: We support the development and deployment of native cloud services involving collaborative and ubiquitous services to provide competitive business advantage. We also provide management of applications in the cloud as well as the reengineering of legacy systems, data management, and application and service integration.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services: We provide infrastructure assessment, analysis and design consultation including private cloud implementations.
  • Cloud Security Services: We provide a full range of security solutions for the certification and accreditation of cloud solutions, identity management, cloud segmentation, security audits, application and data obfuscation, and security integration.
  • Cloud Economic Analysis: We provide Total Cost of Ownership estimating and economic analysis of alternatives to support the selection of cloud development and implementation strategies.

Program/Project Management:  Our team, lead by certified project management professionals (PMPs), offers you the best practice in program and project management to ensure complex, large-scale, high-quality solutions are implemented on time and within budget. We adopt state-of-the-art project management methodologies to ensure that all the phases of the project are managed well to balance stakeholder expectations and without compromising the iron triangle (time, cost, and scope). We also offer preparation of all software development life-cycle artifacts, including requirements documents, design documents, development plans, and metrics.

Business Process Management : Any company’s profitability and ability to compete in the market are determined by its processes. Processes are the source of improved transparency, business efficiency, and innovation, which are, in turn, the basis for your success! EVOLVE’s Business Process Management (BPM) consultants, who have extensive knowledge in diverse subject areas, offer value proposition by determining the contribution from people, process, and technology and identify opportunities to streamline your current business processes. Our BPM implementation experience covers a variety of tools and techniques from major corporations.

Content Management: Our processes and technologies support the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium such as documents, multimedia files, such as audio or video files, or any other file type. Our content management solution supports archival and secured delivery of digital content with fully integrated tools for managing assets, tools, traffic & performance, analysis and reporting. We provide robust infrastructure to facilitate creation, upload and retrieval of documents and rich content over internet and mobile devices.

Data Architecture / Data Modeling: Data is the foundation of an organization’s performance and a valuable enterprise asset. It provides the platform for making critical and everyday business decisions. It is, therefore, essential that decision makers can access and depend on quality data to operate confidently in a high-performance environment.
Evolve Data Management and Architecture Team helps define the key data objects and offer guidance an organization can manage its data across its entire lifecycle. We will help define policies and operating procedures to ensure data accuracy, accessibility and security, availability, and reusability. Effective data management enables better management decisions, reduces risks, and enhances productivity and operational efficiency.

Application Support & Maintenance: Companies often face the challenge of supporting heterogeneous application environments in order to run their key business processes. Through our standard practices of application support, we can bring increased cost savings to our clients enabling them to reinvest their IT savings into their core business.

Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to:

•  Knowledge acquisition and retention and Use of the required expertise available within the organization
•  Professional team that is capable of contributing to architecture, design and reusability of the cloud infrastructure and applications
•  Focus on re-usability thus reducing cycle times and costs
•  Tried and Tested development methodology
•  Total commitment to quality and taking a holistic view of Quality Assurance
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