Inquiry Management System (Sales CRM)

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Inquiry Management Solutions.



Good customer relationship management software simplifies and automates contacting your clients: most provide you with a clear record of what your past communications have included, as well as making sure that you and anyone you work with are on the same page for each client. Some CRM software even lets you send out automatic emails or newsletters. There are several desktop CRM software packages, but many of them simply aren’t comparable to web-based applications. Desktop CRM software often requires synchronizing and has limited usefulness if you aren’t at your desk. In contrast, many of the online options even provide you with the ability to access information from a smart-phone as well any computer with an Internet connection.


With emerging technologies and tabs you can access information anywhere and everywhere.  Sales process is the life line of any business and with the competition increasing day by day. You cannot afford to have a inefficiency.  Improper sales follow up not only hampers yours growth but also the growth of your team in your company.  Evolve believes business are more for growth of your employees.  You are responsible for future of all your employees who work for you and with you.  With strong sales follow up system you can convert and analyze each inquiry that comes into your company and capitalize on the same.

Strong Inquiry Management Solutions not only maximizes sales closures but at the same time gives you information of performing sales person.  These performers can be rewarded and supported further so that they can continuously grow and prosper


The system gives your following reports at a click


Inquiry recording Transaction

Inquiry Follow up details

Pending Inquiry register.

Not followed up lead details.

Inquiry quotation send

Sales Men wise inquiries

Inquires product wise.

Inquiries category wise.

Inquiry Amendment report.

Inquiry Area wise.

Inquiry Loss report

Inquiry Hot / Cold / Warm Lists.

Sales Man Performance analysis.

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