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Digital Printing

Digital printing industry has an unique requirement for process they carry on which is specific to each order they take from the customer. The process they carry includes

·         Printing

·         Lamination

·         Slitting

·         Binding

·         Packaging

·         Albums Creation

It can be a simple single color printing to multi color offset with all these or some of these process which depends from company to company. As the  business grows it becomes increasingly difficult for managing these complex requirement as all customers will have their typical needs.  To remember mix and match of each customer is a difficult task. When the orders are collected from numerous locations proper recording of instruction. Creation of a technically correct JOB card and further execution of the same is required to accomplish every single order.


Business Challenges the industry faces


Skilled Manpower:

Most of these companies are located in remote places in industrial areas and operate from multiple locations.  They face a high manpower turnover as getting EDP person who implement ERP systems and understand these terminologies do not stick to the organization and often leave the companies mid way during the course of the implementation.    They always prefer to do a job hop when it comes to an SME segment.  This is one the most key challenges faced by almost all SME across the board, wherein they lose confidence and give up the idea of implementing an ERP system.  Low education amongst employees and a very high resistance to change for new systems. High turnover of employees


Ever changing designs and stocks related complex requirements

Since the market is marketing, presentation and sales industry the nature of products are in itself very dynamic so as to keep pace with the latest trends. They need to maintain design, the raw material specification like the type of paper, the type of paper, the lamination related information etc.  Decide on the design material required specific to that design and execute in the fastest possible time.  Unless there is a repeat order there are new designs required all the time with innovative skills.


Job card and Work In Process (WIP)

Every process has an instruction sheet which has details of what process needs to be carried for each process.  This also has different process wise pricing on customer to customers based on quantities or order a customer gives.  There can also be discounts given to each based on categorization of a customer like dealer, agent, direct walk in customer etc.  Once the JOB card is prepared the estimate which is as precise as invoice is given to the customer and he has detailed information before the JOB is actually executed and delivered to him.


Seamless Integration with delivery departments and accounts

Once the job card is ready the intimation is sent to the customer via SMS or email and delivery is done or the product is collected by the customer


EVOLVE ERP provides the following benefits:


  • Enterprise-wise production planning A single system across all locations maintaining a central data which is real time and online.  There is no time lag or batch entry or data merging process.  The information is available real time.
  • · Demand planning based on current market trends and arrive at a correct material indent plan.
  • · Design wise manufacturing plan and tracking of work in process of each design.Maintain the stocks through JOB cards, and update JOB card status at each process.
  • · Tracking of Work in Progress stock, to better maintain the inventory
  • · Sale to dealers, transfer to own retail stores ware houses etc.
  • · Better pricing, promotions management.
  • · Centralized purchasing it is one of the most effective and transparent method of purchasing which reduces the cost of  procurement drastically as one gets centralized information of total requirements and other competitive data to be compared with.
  • · Centralized accounting with factory and head office expenses entered in the same system
  • · Reduced duplication of data entry and manpower efficient increases by 60%
  • · No more reconciliation and creation of individual excel statements and reports which are always offline and outdated as they are not online.
  • · Know the status online of all your designs, jobs that are functioning on each machine.
  • · Machine Wise scrap and production information.
  • · Machine Availability report.
  • · Precise resource management and information systems which can help to decide whether the job can be executed or has to be outsourced based on resources availability.

·  Real Time Manufacturing Process Status Display.

· Production Tracking.

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