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Auto Car Rental

Different options in the Menu of the Car Rental Software: These are the various options in the Menu of Car Rental software. The options given in the Menu are explanatory by its description. But a brief description of the major Options along with the Screen shots is displayed below.

·         Price List: The price lists of different car can be modified. It would also give you a report for the total requisition of the cars and confirmed cars.

·         Requisition Detail: It would give you the details of the Car Requisition from Customers.

·         Order Confirmation: Here you have all the pending Requisition and in this screen you confirm the order.

·         Duty Slip: Generation of the Duty Slip of Driver.

·         Monthly Duty Slip: The daily and monthly duty slip of the driver can be generated.

·         Fuel Register: The Fuel register would give the details of how much fuel has been filled in each car. 

·         Maintenance Register: The maintenance register records the maintenance expenses spent on each car. Combining these two reports, the AI in the system would give you the most efficient car at the end of the month.


·         Car Lease and Project Invoice: In the Car lease section, you can lease the Car to one customer and can generate the total project invoice at the month. This would also give you the income and expenses report on a daily basis and at the end of the month and would calculate monthly profits.


·         Invoice: This screen shot displays the pending Invoice to be sent to the customers along with the Duty Slips of the Drivers.

·         Car Availability Report: It would at any point of time display, how many cars are free in the fleet and how many cars are booked.

·         Income and Expenses Report: This report would give you the details of the Total Income and Total Expenses, Cost Center wise,Car wise and also a consolidated Report.


·         Driver Utilization: By entering the name of the driver this screen shot would give you the Attendance of the driver and his deployment for a period.


Price List and Customer contracts data:In the screen shot kindly note the price list of different cars. If a contract is signed, you can enter the Contract beginning date and the Contract ending date. Also if you have appointed any agents for booking your cars, his details can be entered. You can allocate different pricelist for the different cars for one customer. Generally in India, cars are given on rent with specified Kms for specified hours. There are extra charges if the Km and the time exceeds. So the options are given for both. You can fill the agent’s commission, Driver Allowance, day Allowance, Night Allowance, Fuel Charges, Service Charges, per day charge and Number of months.


Vehicle Master and Information of each car : In the Vehicle Master all the details related to a particulate vehicle can be entered. It gives the details of all the vehicles.The registration number, Insurance details, Chassis number, permit number, color , make , class , year, Diesel or petrol vehicle, model, availability and fitness and Authorization date etc. The taxes paid etc against the vehicle. You can add more fields as per the needs and the fields can be deleted also if any field is not found relevant as per the country’s law.


Fuel rates State wise :Kindly note that you can create Master for fuels for different states with different rates. In India, the fuel rate differs from state to state hence this helps to allocate and pick different fuel rates for different states. This would finally help in calculating the profitability of each car at the end.


Online request Screen: It this screen you can see the pending, approved and rejected requests of the details of cars. The staff approves the car and a confirmation is directly sent to the customer on checking availability through email or SMS. Only when it is approved by the staff member, the order is confirmed. The cost centre field is also there for different locations. The reporting time, pickup location, date etc are there.


Car Request : Here the renter details are entered i.e. the party who wants to hire the car on rent. You can assume the example of a hotel here. Name of the contact person, guest name, email id of the renting party, email id of the guest, local address, and contact number of guest all the details can be filled in. This screen is used by the Car Rental Company, where in it has entered on a term contract with different parties such as Hotels or other companies. The staff of the customer company can request for cars on behalf of its customers. And Car Rental Company uses this screen for filling all the details.


Duty Slip automatically picks info from Car request and all other info is filled online: This helps to generate the Duty Slip of the driver. Once the details are filled in the previous screen, it automatically picks all the data from the previous screen to generate the Duty Slip of the driver. This avoids non duplication of entering the same data. The time for the driver to report for duty, time in for Customer duty, the total number of days, the Kms of customer and the total Kms everything can be entered. The Chauffer details, his mobile number, his allowances etc can be entered. This screen helps to keep a thorough check on the movement of the vehicle away from duty time and the distance travelled so as to keep a check on driver also. The options to fill all the other charges such as the Parking, toll and service charges etc can be filled. This also helps for the optimum utilization of the duty times of the drivers, their optimum utilization and genuine allocation for their allowances.


Duty Slips to be billed report: In this screen shot, you would notice the pending invoices for different customers. All the Duty Slips are sent to the respective customers. This is a report of all the pending Duty slip, which would be sent along with the invoice to the customers.


Online Invoice is made/ generated from Duty Slip hours; it picks up information from Duty slips and contracts and bills correctly the amount that is to be billed. No more referring to contracts and error free invoicing which is online and in real time. Now in order to keep the functionalities very transparent, while raising the Invoice for the customer, the Duty slip of the driver is also sent along with the invoice. This helps in strengthening the customer relations and keeping transparency in working. The Duty Slip of the Driver is attached, by entering the Duty Slip Number. The customer feels more satisfied and contended that he has been charged genuinely. This is one of the very important features of our ERP, which has helped our customers to win contracts over competitors and improve their CRM.


Invoice Report Customer wise and date wise: These are the report which can be generated date wise as well as customer wise. These reports are translated directly into excel format by the software and can be mailed to customers on daily basis, if they demand. This helps in keeping all the data in chronological order and also for maintaining good Customer Relationships.


Car Availability report : This report can be generated during anytime of the day to view the availability of the cars in the fleet. Accordingly the cars are allocated to customers.


Driver Attendance Info : This screen shot gives the report about the drivers attendance and his Utilization for duties on different cars. By entering the name of the driver, his duty hours can be viewed and how well he has been utilized during the period (You can generate this report for a period.


Trial Balance in Multiple formats : You can generate the Trial Balance for different Cost Centers and a consolidated one also. This also can be translated to excel by the software and you can view the summary. The software also gives you an audited Balance Sheet on a daily basis without any backlogs.



1.       Online and real time – The data is available on Real time which gives edge over the customer service.

2.       Operational Staff Reduction by 60% - Since most of the systems are automated, it requires very few staff for the monitoring and for the functionality of software. The company which is using our software could reduce the operational staff to the extent of 60% as even the staff working in the accounting and admin were reduced, since most of the functions are taken by the system.

3.       Online Audits – The Audits are done online without any backlog.

4.       Audited Balance Sheet on the 1st Of April.

5.       Driver Attendance information – The system gives the information about the driver’s attendance over a period of time and how well he has been occupied.

6.       Vehicle Maintenance Information.

7.       Car Performance Report.

8.       Vehicle wise Breakdown Information.

9.       Car Type wise Profitability.

10.      Customer wise Profitability.

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