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The chemical industry includes companies involved in the production of chemicals with high economic impact. These include petrochemicals, agrochemicals, paints, pharmaceuticals, polymers and oleo chemicals. Chemical processes are used, including chemical reactions to form new substances, separations based on properties such as solubility or ionic charge and distillations and transformations by heating and other methods.

Some of the unique manufacturing needs of the Chemical industry include,  inconsistent quality of raw materials; once processed the products cannot be reduced back to their original state; product is normally manufactured in bulk, then packed according to requirements; conformance to control of hazardous materials and storage of the necessary backup certificates of approval; and in a number of industries every order represents a new product, depending on the formula used and the substitutions made.

ERP solution for Chemical enables chemical manufacturers to efficiently and  effectively manage record formulation, quality, customer, production and financial reporting. The chemical solution of ERP is an affordable option for any organization. The modules are fully integrated to help manage data flow from managing formulas to manufacturing and shipping the orders in line with regulatory requirements. It also takes cares of outsourcing and excise process with ease. It will help chemical company improve productivity, improve customer service and increase revenues.


Common characteristics of the chemical industry

Chemical manufacturers share many common characteristics:

  • Batch.
  • Continuous.
  • Make-to-stock.
  • Package-to-order.
  • Make-to-order.
  • Hazardous goods.
  • By-products and co-products.
  • Specialization.
  • Distribution requirements planning.
  • Forecasting.
  • Raw material and finished goods tracking.
  • Quality monitoring.
  • Diverse markets - OEM, industrial and retail.
  • Capital intensive. 


Chemical industry challenges

  • The challenges they potentially face are to:
  • Comply with local and international environmental and safety regulations.
  • Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and local accounting regulations.
  • Reduce costs and eliminate waste in a volatile energy cost environment.
  • Streamline business processes and IT systems.
  • Improve IT system security.
  • Manage the storage and retrieval of compliance documentation and certification.
  • Manage the storage, handling and transportation of hazardous goods.
  • Monitor and report on safety compliance.
  • Manage raw material quality.
  • Reduce environmental impact.
  • Manage by-products.
  • Rationalize pack sizes and product ranges.
  • Manage distribution.
  • Manage seasonal demand.
  • Maximize material yields.
  • Manage large inventories. 



  • Forecasting Module
  • Requirements planning module
  • Planning Bill
  • Lot Traceability Module
  • Finite Scheduling Module
  • Quality Data Collection Module
  • Engineering Change Control Module
  • Work in Progress Module
  • Multiple Units Of measure
  • Multi-site Warehouse
  • Dangerous Goods Text
  • Blankets Purchase Orders
  • Factory Documentation
  • Back flushing
  • Bill of Materials Module
  • Goods in Transmit
  • Co and By- Product
  •  Reporting Services Module
  •  Analytics Module


Lot Traceability and Recall:

Evolve well defined features and functionalities assist food and beverage companies to consistently meet quality, safety and compliance issues. At Evolve, Lot Traceability module monitors the food or beverage life cycle from initial ingredients, through manufacture to finished goods, shipment and final store delivery. By tracking order from roots to fruits, organizations can respond to the product recall in a timely and effective manner that ensures consumer safety and if needed can quickly notify the customers who have received impacted orders.


Pre-Process, In-Process, Post-Process and Inventory QC:

Survival and success of a manufacturer largely depends on efficient and accurate quality control. Evolve provides the options of quality checks of the raw materials, in process and finished products. It will not permit the use of the unqualified QC products in the system during its inclusion in inventory, release to manufacture and release as finished product. Moreover, software gives the options of both serial and lot tracking to their customers for any product depending on the need and requirements.



General Software Features

Web Enabled Real time and online

Drill Down


Automated E-Mail Alerts

Microsoft Office Integration

Internal Instant Messaging

Integrated Web Services



Regulatory Compliance

Container Tracking

Wireless Warehouse Management

Customizable Solutions

Flexible Reporting Options


Process Manufacturer Software Features

Recipe Based Manufacturing

Multiple Formulas

QC & Production Formulas

Materials Planning

Quality Control

Certificate of Analysis

Material Resource Planning

Finite Capacity

Batch Scheduling

Unlimited Routing Steps 

Cost Analysis

Yield Variances

Cradle-to-Grave Lot Tracking

Packaging Formulas

Process Control Device Imports

QC & Lab Equipment


Chemical Distributor Software Features

Customer Product Pricing

Automated Price Change Letters

Repacks & Drumming

Multi-Source Purchasing

Rebates and Price supports (CUPS)

Lot Tracking

Numerous Sales Analysis Options

Serial & Deposit Containers

Flexible Packaging & Pricing

Landed Costs

Importing & Exporting



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