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Food Processing

Evolve Food is a complete ERP software solution designed and developed to cater the specific business and regulatory needs of food and beverage industry. It rests on the solid foundation gained from experience as Evolve, a leader in process ERP. Evolve Food’s in built dynamic functionalities provide complete control over the recipe and formula, the most important and critical activity of the Food and Beverage manufacturers. Management and execution of these activities have been designed in accordance with the regulatory expectations and thus Evolve Food helps its users to fulfill obligatory GMP requirements. Evolve Food ERP software has inbuilt forward and backward traceability features which permits its users to keep complete track of their products which ranges from sources of the raw materials to distribution status of the finished products in supply chain.


Evolve Food’s functionality of traceability:

Evolve satisfies the requirements of manufacturers to respond quickly during product recalls and in many other situations. Additionally, this food manufacturing software offers many advanced features like Catch Weight and Lot Strength etc required by many food manufacturers. With these features software automatically calculates the required quantities of a material for a given formula based on the active ingredients.

specific for this sector not offered currently by any other process ERP.

Evolve food and beverages are ideal for products that have shelf life constraints, grading, different units of measure and quality to maintain. At Evolve we effectively manage your business like Dairy, Bakery, Meat, Fish & Poultry, Fruits & Vegetables, Confectionary, Alcoholic Beverages & Soft drinks, Fats & Oils, Prepared Foods, Candies & Confectionaries, Canned & Frozen foods, Organic certified foods: and much more.


Recipe Management:

Provision of recipe definitions with multiple ingredients, intermediates, labor and manufacturing instructions. Complete recipe security, provision of changing the recipe formula to authorized people only, tracking of all the versions of the formula along with reason for change, roll back capabilities to earlier formula versions, automatic resizing of the batch without changing the formula, lot explosion facilities which gives the complete product structure and ingredients used, permission of material substitution in any given formula based on preapproval by authorized people and lot more.


Lot Traceability and Recall:

Evolve well defined features and functionalities assist food and beverage companies to consistently meet quality, safety and compliance issues. At Evolve, Lot Traceability module monitors the food or beverage life cycle from initial ingredients, through manufacture to finished goods, shipment and final store delivery. By tracking order from roots to fruits, organizations can respond to the product recall in a timely and effective manner that ensures consumer safety and if needed can quickly notify the customers who have received impacted orders.


Pre-Process, In-Process, Post-Process and Inventory QC:

Survival and success of the Food Manufacturers largely depends on efficient and accurate quality control. Evolve Food provides the options of quality checks of the raw materials, in process and finished products. It will not permit the use of the unqualified QC products in the system during its inclusion in inventory, release to manufacture and release as finished product. Moreover, software gives the options of both serial and lot tracking to their customers for any product depending on the need and requirements.

ERP Outputs Food Processing Industry



Cheque Register

Receipt Register

Payment Register

Sales Register

Purchase Register

Contra Register

Journal Register

Rejection-In Register

Rejection-Out Register

Credit Note Register

Debit Note Register

Internal Demand Note

Physical Stock Register

Stock Journal Register

Delivery Note Register

View Delivery Details

Sales Order Details

Purchase Order Details

Receipt Note Register


GRN & QC Reports:

Purchase Order Wise GRN

GRN Details

Pending GRN Details

Batch Numbering Register


Other Reports:

View VAT Computation

Requisition Note

Requisition Note By Delivery Date

Excise Inputs

Excise Output

Annexure Details

Excise Input / Output Details

Internal Demand Pending Details


Financial Module:

Balance Sheet

Profit And Loss

Trial Balance

Cash Flow

Fund Flow

Ratio Analysis


Day Book

Cash Book

Bank Book


List of Accounts

Group Summary

Outstanding Reports Ageing Analysis

Sales Tax Register

Purchase Tax Register

Bank Reconciliation Report


Inventory Reports:

Stock Group Summary

Stock Summary

Stock Details

Ledger-wise Item Transaction

Daily Item Transaction

God-own Stock Summary

Batch Stock Summary

Mfg. Company Summary

AR No wise Stock Details

EVOLVE ERP provides the following benefits:


  • Enterprise-wise production planning A single system across all locations maintaining a central data which is real time and online.  There is no time lag or batch entry or data merging process.  The information is available real time. 
  • Sale to dealers, transfer to own retail stores ware houses etc.
  • Better pricing, promotions management.
  • Centralized purchasing it is one of the most effective and transparent method of purchasing which reduces the cost of procurement drastically as one gets centralized information of total requirements and other competitive data to be compared with.. 
  • Centralized accounting with factory and head office expenses entered in the same system
  • Reduced duplication of data entry and manpower efficient increases by 60%
  • No more reconciliation and creation of individual excel statements and reports which are always offline and outdated as they are not online.

·         Sales Order Entry and Pre-Production Processing.

·         Purchase Order Processing.

·         Customer wise profitability

·         Product wise profit analysis

·         Just in Time (JIT inventory)

·         Automated reports for goods below and above reorder level.

·         Powerful Ageing Analysis

·         Fund Flow Management

·         Pending Orders

·         Pending Dispatches   

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