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Plastic Sheet Manufacturing

ERP for Plastic Sheet Manufacturing

Indian plastic manufacturing industry forms one of the large industry which has very dynamic pricing as they prices of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) granules fluctuate on a monthly basis as these are made from aromatic chemical compounds. The material or the sheets that are made are very sensitive and the recipe required to make the same is very critical and determines the consistency is quality.These sheets are made by making pulp of plastic which is then pressed into high pressure machine known as calendar machines and uniforms sheets are manufactured.  Later these sheets go through slitting, printing and embossing process. Many times embossing of the sheets are done along with the calendaring process by attaching one additional chrome plated steel roll in the calendar machine. These sheets are mainly uses in making self PVC self adhesive tapes, rain wear, plastic and Rexene seat covers, etc.  This is again a very niche segment and has peculiar requirements for their industry.

Business Challenges the industry faces

Lack of proper systems.

Since this is a niche segment there is a deep understating required of the functional process for the development of the systems and translating same into the software. There is often no systematic recording of the ingredients that are used in manufacturing a batch.  They are either recorded manually in production register, or excel sheets.  Since there is no historical data, often the person who is in charge of recipe creation forms a monopoly in the whole manufacturing process.  It also creates a high level of dependency on person.   This is a dangerous situation and you are always on edge and the information can be misused and misguided as well, as there is no verification of the ingredient actual ratios whatever is written is assumed to be right.  This situation has be observed by us in many companies.  The things may not be necessarily wrong but there is no control on the data.  This is one of the biggest challenge we have found in this industry.  There are other industries which poses such threats are textiles where shade creation is again a recipe and is dependent on masters who know the correct mixing pattern.


Functionalities in ERP Software for Plastics Industry

  1. Product Costing
  2. Generation of PVC batch size as per plant capacity
  3. Shortages management
  4. Plan v/s Actual Production
  5. Productivity reports
  6. Rejection Reports
  7. WIP
  8. State Specific VAT Reports
  9. Excise Tax Reports

Finish Goods Costing

The MRP application within system, allows you to project the requirements for all materials based on scheduled production, sales orders, and back orders. MRP helps you to reduce the cost of on-hand inventory while ensuring critical materials are in stock to meet production schedules. This is again added with taking into account other costs like electricity costs, labor costs etc apart from direct raw material costs.

You have the capability to report on inventoried and non-inventoried items, backorders, vendor lead times and blanket purchase order information. In addition, it’s easy to display quantity on-hand, demands for production or sales, outstanding purchase orders and vendor information using the MRP query feature.


Production and Process Monitoring

Minimize your data collection chores with real-time production monitoring. You can automate the recording of correct production quantities for each shift and eliminate manual data entry errors.

You can automate the collection of such shop floor information (in real-time) as good items, rejects (and cause of rejects), production hours, efficiencies and downtime by reason,  it’s easy for you to:

  • Find out why machines were down or items were rejected in summary or drill-down to details per shift.
  • Identify machine status using a color coded display system.
  • Quickly find yield, cycle time or production problems—for the whole floor or for one particular machine.
  • Gain visibility over tool conflicts and impending setups.
  • Generate standard reports or design your own.
  • Create summary reports at the end of each shift.


Automated Procurement Planning

The systems gives a separate reports of Materials which have gone below re-order levels at each location.  This is generated through Evolve product planning Module (PPM).  Once the list is generated you can raise the indent for short quantities from the system itself.


As a film and bag processor, you can use the quoting application to:

Description: http://dtr.consona.com/images/spacer.gifAutomatically calculate bag weight, area, number up, and index

  • Convert rolls to bags (films can be quoted both on roll or in converted bags)
  • Capture costs and build quotes by process (extrusion, printing, slitting, etc.)
  • Incorporate mill, width, length, side trim, header, lip, and gusset into quotes
  • Amortize setup costs across a production run
  • Easily retrieve quotes for multiple items, by customer, or sales representative
  • Ensure the correct selling price by using high/low order margins
  • Create sales orders, inventory and customer records from quotes
  • Make selections for artwork, terms on the order and more


Evolve ERP provides the following benefits:


  • Enterprise-wise production planning A single system across all locations maintaining a central data which is real time and online.  There is no time lag or batch entry or data merging process.  The information is available real time. 
  • Sale to dealers, transfer to own retail stores ware houses etc.
  • Better pricing, promotions management.
  • Centralized purchasing it is one of the most effective and transparent method of purchasing which reduces the cost of procurement drastically as one gets centralized information of total requirements and other competitive data to be compared with.. 
  • Centralized accounting with factory and head office expenses entered in the same system
  • Reduced duplication of data entry and manpower efficient increases by 60%
  • No more reconciliation and creation of individual excel statements and reports which are always offline and outdated as they are not online.

·         Sales Order Entry and Pre-Production Processing.

·         Purchase Order Processing.

·         Customer wise profitability

·         Product wise profit analysis

·         Just in Time (JIT inventory)

·         Automated reports for goods below and above reorder level.

·         Powerful Ageing Analysis

·         Fund Flow Management

·         Pending Orders

·         Pending Dispatches

·         Historical reports

·         Excise reports

·         Factory Online Production Advice

·         Production Data

·         Packing List

·         Roll Wise/Sheet Wise dispatch details

·         Export consignments

·         Export Invoice reports

·         CENVAT Registers

·         Payroll

·         Shift wise data

·         Overtime reports

·         Batch wise details

·         Roll Wise Summary

·         Design-wise reports


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