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Textile Manufacturer:

Traditionally the textile Industry is highly concerned with the design or manufacture of clothing as well as the distribution and use of textiles. However, the industry has been changed extremely in the last few years. Flexibility and rapid response has become essential qualities for any successful textile business. Achieving them requires dynamic management of the entire organization.  Evolve ERP system maintains the benefits of a standard package with a high level of adaptability, ensuring that the solution can be tailored to almost any requirement. Its modules could be configured to the needs of any textile business, whatever its size.  Evolve ERP provides a framework within which textile industries can organize their business and manufacturing know-how to create a vital management resource. Of course industry decision makers have to have rapid access to company data, but the most pressing need is to have answers to critical questions such as "What happens if...?", "How can we...?".

Indian textile industry is one of the most promising and growing industries across the world. It is in fact looked upon to be the largest in the world, while being the largest manufacturer of textile garments. The textile industry currently exports about 35% of its output, and is expected to grow at the rate of 20%. Despite being posed with tremendous opportunities for growth, the Indian textile industry faces various challenges in terms of resource planning and processing.


Business Challenges the industry faces

Skilled Manpower:

Most of these companies are located in remote places in industrial areas and operate from multiple locations.  They face a high manpower turnover as getting EDP person who implement ERP systems and understand these terminologies do not stick to the organization and often leave the companies mid way during the course of the implementation.    They always prefer to do a job hop when it comes to an SME segment.  This is one the most key challenges faced by almost all SME across the board, wherein they lose confidence and give up the idea of implementing an ERP system.  Low education amongst employees and a very high resistance to change for new systems. High turnover of employees


Ever changing designs and stocks related complex requirements

Since the market is related to fashion industry the nature of products are in itself very dynamic so as to keep pace with the latest trends. They need to maintain design number, the product information.  Decide on the design material required specific to that design and execute in the fastest possible time.  The same designs has to be replicated in various fabrics and qualities.  At the same time the key challenge is to ensure that there in no excess inventory as the design may not be repeated again in the near future.  Once the inventory is made, they also have to ensure almost complete sell of the design made, since it may go as dead inventory if the trend goes out of fashion. The entire process is carried out with great speed as duplication from competitors may adversely affect profitability and price control.


Job Outsourced or JOB work done, reconciliation of stocks at each location.

Many processes of garments are outsourced for JOB WORK like stitching, or accessory, printing, embroidery designs etc.  As a manufacturer may or may not have all the facilities.  To get a correct stock reconciliation at each job worker location it is a difficult task to get the stock status from each location.  This effects the costing of the goods, and blocks the capital in excess.  Also the manufacturer loses the competitive advantage.  It is equally important to arrive a landed cost report as in case of exports of garments the quantities are very large and every factor is multiplied and cost dearly to the manufacturer.


Evolve Module list


(Several business units )

  • Customers Master
  • Agents Master
  • Sales Article Master
  • Price Management
  • Order Processing
  • Allocation of Goods
  • Reservation
  • Statistics
  • Shipping
  • Invoicing



  • Yarn Spinning / Yarn dyeing and twisting
  • Warping / Beaming
  • Weaving
  • Finishing
  • Availability
  • External Production



  • Material, Dyes, Chemicals etc.
  • Fiber and Yarn
  • Beam
  • Greige, WIP and Finish goods



  • Supplier Master
  • Accounting Interface
  • Purchase Orders (P.O.)
  • Packages on Loan
  • Statistics
  • Dyes, Chemicals, Supplies, Spare parts etc.


Technical Database

  • Fiber and Yarn Master
  • Yarn-dyeing
  • Beam Master
  • Weaving Technique
  • Make-up
  • Greige / Finished Article Master
  • Machine Master
  • Machine Settings
  • Process Flows


Laboratory / Recipes

  • Laboratory Sample Management



  • Cost Centers
  • Standard costs
  • Actual Costing
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Evaluation Prices / Accounts


QM = Quality Management

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Inspection
  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Control

System Management

  • Printing
  • Mailing
  • Texts
  • Key Data
  • Locations
  • Users
  • Maintenance Service
  • Program Management
  • Macro Recorder
  • Field Beamer


General Ledger Interface

Interfaces to General Ledger packages are included in our scope of interfaces. The same would comprise on demand of the customer master, supplier master, incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, debtor's balance and creditor's balance. For the purpose of interface, the financial software vendor would need to accept / send data in Evolve recognizable format within the scope of parameterization available in Evolve.

EVOLVE ERP provides the following benefits:

  • Enterprise-wise production planning A single system across all locations maintaining a central data which is real time and online.  There is no time lag or batch entry or data merging process.  The information is available real time. 
  • Demand planning based on current market trends and arrive at a correct material indent plan.
  • Design wise manufacturing plan and tracking of work in process of each design.  Maintain the stocks through JOB cards, and update JOB card status at each process.
  • Tracking of Work in Progress stock, to better maintain the inventory
  • Sale to dealers, transfer to own retail stores ware houses etc.
  • Better pricing, promotions management.
  • Centralized purchasing it is one of the most effective and transparent method of purchasing which reduces the cost of procurement drastically as one gets centralized information of total requirements and other competitive data to be compared with.. 
  • Centralized accounting with factory and head office expenses entered in the same system
  • Reduced duplication of data entry and manpower efficient increases by 60%
  • No more reconciliation and creation of individual excel statements and reports which are always offline and outdated as they are not online.
  • Know the status online of all your designs, jobs that are functioning on each machine.
  • Machine Wise scrap and production information.
  • Machine Availability report.
  • Precise resource management and information systems which can help to decide whether the job can be executed or has to be outsourced based on resources availability.

·          Real Time Manufacturing Process Status Display.

·          Production Tracking.

·          Cutting Processing.

·          Sewing (with Bundle) Processing.

·          Style Master Maintenance (BOM, Sewing Instruction).

·          Inventory Item (Raw Material, Finished Goods, etc.) Tracking.

·          Customer wise data management.

·          Supplier and accessories management.

·          Sales Order Entry and Pre-Production Processing.

·          Purchase Order Processing.

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